Grove Healthcare College

Grove Healthcare College

Your success is our highest goal. we succeed because you do!

Our Mission

Grove Healthcare College strives for excellence in educating and training each individual student,
encouraging them to not only achieve but surpass their educational and career goals. As a teaching
facility, we believe our success is built solely on the success of each student who passes through our


we believe education is a lifelong process. Healthcare is the right of every member of society. Humans are complex beings with physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs. As healthcare professionals, we are involved in a lifelong process of learning.  The learning process is viewed as one that encourages active participation, self Awareness, and self direction as a lifelong learner. Our promise to our students is to provide a competent, enthusiastic staff that will provide a comprehensive, relevant learning experience, allowing students to take responsibility for their learning.


Our Commitment To You

The courses at Grove Healthcare College are designed to provide the student with the skills necessary to be a vital part of the health care team. Each faculty member provides training in a professional and positive atmosphere with current information that is accurate and stimulating. Grove Healthcare College sets high academic expectations and standards for all our students and staff. Students will profit by meeting those standards with a positive attitude, dedication, enthusiasm and determination. 

We are committed to fairness and justice to ensure access to services, programs, opportunities, and information for all.

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Contact Information

12451 Dedeaux RD
Gulfport MS, 39503
business hours
Monday – thursday 8am-2pm